The Boyd Family:

Brandey – 37 year old mother of 3, full time employee, part time novelist, part time blogger, graphic artist, likes to read, loves scary movies, and likes to create beaded jewelry.

David – 38 year old father of 3, full time employee as the welding supervisor of a local fabrication company, loves to play video games, fish, hunt, and tinker around the house

Chey – 15 year old daughter, drama queen, in the top 5% of her class and loves to hang out with friends and chat on FB

Keeghan – 9 year old daughter, loves to play outside, to imagine and play, and annoy her baby brother

Dade-Attason – 6 year old son, likes video games, football games, and would rather annoy his sister than eat his breakfast

At one time, I would say that we were not your typical American family. But as I get older, I realize, with a sinking heart actually, that we are very much like 99% of this country. We work hard to make other people rich, we help out family and friends when they need us, we pay taxes and try to make ends meet. And like most American families these days, we cannot seem to get ahead. We struggle every month to make tough decisions regarding bill payment, trying to figure out how we are going to buy clothes for children who are always growing and still be able to pay the bills, trying to work miracles out of the small amount of pay we get to keep each month, and trying desperately to balance working full time with making time for our family, working harder just to try to be able to offer our children as close to a normal childhood as possible.  We do this with our heads held high, with pride, and we will work on our new fixer-upper as best as we can, and keep plugging away, no matter how many curves life throws at us. God brought us to this new house, and He will see us through this renovation as well.



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